I picked up this gorgeous Mint nail vanish the other week by Maybelline, its part of their 7 day Forever strong range. I haven’t used Maybelline’s nail vanish before and I have never been a fan of the thicker gel nail vanish but after using this I have changed my mind.

This nail vanish uses a gel technology to keep the nail vanish from chipping or damaging and should last for a full 7 days. I didn’t really think that would be possible with my nails but they lasted around 5 days before one of my nails chipped and I had to re-do them. That is really good for my nails, as normally they chip after 1 day!


I was really impressed by the strength of the nail vanish, and how much stronger they seem to have made my nails. I think the lack of chipping and not having to use nail vanish remover so often, has helped my nails.

This does need two coats to give a smooth even finish but has a nice shine to it, so there is no need for a top coat. It also dyes relevantly quicker for a nail vanish, even with 2 coats.

But the biggest thing I love about this, is the colour, its such a nice Mint shade, its similar to Essie version but nicer in my opinion and at only around £4, its such good value. I would definitely recommend this nail vanish, for its staying power and the gorgeous mint colour.


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