I have been searching for a foundation that its too heavy but will last the day for ages, so I decided to try a high-end brand version, to see if they could meet my needs. I have always been a little sceptical about weather high end brands are actually worth their price tags and its often too much to spend incase they don’t match correctly or work well with my skin.

I read a review about this Bobbi Brown Long Wear Even Finish Foundation and decided to give it a go, at £30 its quite expensive but I did get the lady to match me before I bought it and it looked lovely, I have to say I haven’t been disappointed.

The foundation is slightly heavier than I like to wear but once its on it doesn’t feel heavy at all, and give a nice even finish. Its give good coverage and has a dewy look to it, which makes skin look radient and smooth.

I was matched as Natural, and I would say it works very well for me, its good for the daytime and can be layered up if you want it slightly darker at night. I always finish my foundation with a powder, just to set it otherwise it can come off a little bit when you touch your face.

Overall I have to say this is a really good foundation and the first one I have found that lasts all day with the same smooth look.


I also purchased their eye Corrector cream, this is a product you wear under your concealer and helps to neutralise dark circles. I have really dark circles under my eyes and this product is very good at making these less noticeable, and isn’t too heavy that you can see it.

You apply this over moisturiser, before concealer or foundation, I use a brush to apply and then work it in using my finger, this helps to give an even finish. I then apply a concealer on top, Bobbie Brown do one that matches the foundation shades. Then just apply you foundation to the rest of your face, making sure you blend in the edges with your finger.

I will definitely be buying other Bobbi Brown make-up based on this experience.


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