Even though I have enough nail vanishes in my collection, I picked up three new ones at the weekend. I picked up two from Mua, the ones that look like mini Essie bottles! I have wanted to try these Mua nail vanishes for a while but as they only sell them in Superdrug this is the first chance I had to buy some. Then one from Rimmel’s lasting finish range.

The two colours I picked up from MUA were Bold Blue and Bright Coral, these two colours stood out at me and ones that I know I will wear. The blue is a bit like a sky blue but slightly darker to give it some brightness  The coral colour, is more red than orange but looked very bright and vivid as you can see from the sample below.

This is the first time I have used these nail vanishes and for only £1, I didn’t expect too much from them but they are really good. The colour applies very well, it needed two coats but most colours do anyway. It wasn’t too thick or two thin and the brush was the correct size to make application easy. They also dried really quickly and I didn’t need to apply a top coat.

I also picked up a colour by Rimmel, Tangy Tangerine this is a really nice orange colour, a little pastel but quite nice and bright. I have used these in the past and again these need two coats but do dry very quickly.


I decided to pair the Orange and the blue together on my nails, as I thought that the colours went together really well.


I will definitely be trying the MUA nail vanishes again, I just hope they bring out a wider range of colours.


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