Over the last few weeks I have been using a few new skincare products to help my skin to look smooth, toned and refreshed. I tend to follow this routine around once or twice a week depending on how my skin is feeling.

First I start with a face mask and my favourite at the moment is REN’s F10 Smooth and Renew, this is a thick mask and has lovely smell, I think it smells like Calypol, that kids take as it has quite a sweet mediated smell. You should apply this to clean/ cleansed skin and leave on for around 10 minutes, then you take it off using the muslin cloth that comes with it. This mask leaves my skin feeling very refreshed and toned.

I follow the mask with a new product that I got as a free gift, this is REN’s Frankincense Revitalising Night Cream, this hydrates my skin overnight and leaves it looking refreshed the next day.

If my skin is quite dehydrated and in need of some moisture, instead of the night cream I will apply a night mask. My favourite at the moment is Origins Drink up Intense, as it says on the tin, this is an intensive face mask and is designed to hydrate your skin as you sleep. After using this, my skin always feels so much better the next day, my pores don’t look as obvious and it looks very toned and refreshed.

I normally do this on a sunday night or the night before a big event, just to make sure my skin is refreshed and also so my make-up sits better on my skin.

What are your favourite skincare essentials?


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