As part of my Make-up routine posts this explains how I apply my eye make-up.


Benefit Brow ZingMUA Eye pallet in Glamour Days – Seventeen Gel Eyeliner Rimmel exaggerate eye liner in Black – Benefit they’re real Mascara

I start by applying a line of the Gel Eyeliner to the top lid, I keep this wider towards the edge and thinner towards the center of the eye, I also add a thin line underneath my eye.

Next I apply my eyeshadow, I tend to mix this up with different colours as you can see my MUA pallet is well used! My favourite is this bright blue colour but I tend to use the brown/grey colour a lot for work. I apply the colour by brushing out from the centre of the eye and then I fade it towards the edge. I then add a highlight to the corner using a gold colour, I also apply a little colour under the eye just to bring out my eyes.


This is a great pallet if you want to have lots of choice in one place, especially good for travelling.

Next I will apply a touch more eyeliner to re-define the lines, so they still look very black and don’t have any eyeshadow on them.

Eye brows are next I been using this Brow Zing product by Benefit for a while now, but I must admit I don’t really use it as they suggest. I only use the cream half of the product and I just use this to just subtly define my eyebrows. I brush in the colour and create the shape I want, this just adds a touch of colour to them but they don’t look too heavy or dark. I have tried other products as this is quite expensive to only use one half but I always go back to this as its so good.

Finally I will apply my Mascara, I love this they’re real Mascara by Benefit, I haven’t found anything better. I apply one layer to my lashes and then I use the brush to apply pressure to the tops of the lashes, so that they curl over. I then apply a final layer just to set the shape.

I will then just touch up under my eye with the eyeliner and they are done!

eye_routine_3 eye_routine_4

Hope you enjoyed this and it was useful?


One thought on “My Make-up routine – Eyes

  1. I bought the Benefit mascara but I found that it lengthened my lashes (really well) but didn’t add volume. Do you think the same or are my lashes just uncooperative? 🙂 Really nice look btw.. I like the way you add colour but don’t over do thus making it perfect for everyday use!

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